Dotcloud Digital recently had the pleasure of designing Talkr’s corporate identity. We chose clean graphic shapes derived from negative space within the logo and fresh bold colours to communicate the dynamic energy of the business. The design has a modern aesthetic which aligns well with Talkr’s vision of providing state of the art communication solutions. Dotcloud Digital is responsible for Talkr’s digital marketing that includes social media management, SEO and pay-per-click advertising.

The progressive team at Talkr are well aware of the importance of effective communication in any business and this has led them to invest in the new age GSM or “PTT” radios. These revolutionary new radios use existing cellular networks to transmit voice and data through the use of two-way radios – portable or fixed unit. They are able to connect anywhere in the country, and should you require they are able to connect you to any other user in Africa or elsewhere on the globe. Talkr solutions will simplify your business by streamlining communications, and furthermore, they are also able to supply you with Dispatcher Software which enables you to track the radios, record the voice calls, send text messages and manage your entire fleet from the comfort of your home or office.

The Talkr solution would typically benefit a company with a fleet of vehicles or trucks, such as ambulance services, security companies, couriers, or anyone who needs to manage drivers or personnel on the road or on multiple sites. There are three radio options – The T-5 is a tough compact portable unit with an IP-58 water and dust proof rating, this is the ideal unit for your workforce. The T-88 is a high tier unit with an LCD display and is perfect for fleet managers who need to initiate individual and group calls.The TM-100 is a vehicle mountable unit with an antenna which combines GSM and GPS, and is mounted inside the vehicle on the windscreen and doubles up as a license disk holder. If you are intrigued by Talkr solutions then please feel free to contact for a free demonstration.

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