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Developing sophisticated software solutions for your business should be an affordable and pleasant experience. Let us create your next ‘back-office’ system, Web and mobile APP or system integration solution, using modern development standards, while keeping to a realistic and affordable budget.

The current landscape

Over the last decade new technology has developed at lightning speed and has become an integral part of our daily lives. With the advent of mobile and cloud computing, traditional software development techniques are no longer feasible, as they’re time consuming and require multiple phases. This results in software that often falls short of the user’s expectations. Today’s software needs to deploy quickly, be more adaptable and be available on multiple devices. It requires active user involvement and more frequent testing to compete in an increasingly crowded marketplace.


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“seamless collaboration is guaranteed”

What we can do for you

Dotcloud follows the agile development method. This means we deliver working, tested software at regular intervals that’s flexible enough to adapt to market changes. We incorporate new functionality, making it easier to meet our users’ expectations. We do cross-platform development, which allows our software to run on multiple devices, including desktop PCs, Web browsers, mobile phones and tablets.

As no two businesses are the same, we believe in building custom software solutions designed to address the particular needs of your business. We thoroughly assess your situation to identify the various shortfalls and establish your exact requirements. The system we build will be designed to fit into your business, rather than forcing your business into a generic mould. We don’t believe in a ‘build-and-abandon’ approach, so you can be assured of our continuous maintenance and support.

We can help

How we do software development

How we do software development

Dotcloud provides a full service solution with in-house design, development and support teams. Seamless collaboration is guaranteed, as no third party is involved in the process. The design team and programmers have an excellent understanding of the development process and design elements. UX (user experience) design is applied from the beginning to the end of the project.

Throughout the process, there’s constant assessment, re-evaluation and testing. We encourage user involvement, allowing our clients to closely monitor the progress of the software development, which in turn manages everyone’s expectations effectively.

We develop for multiple platforms and devices, including mobile phones and tablets. To accomplish this quickly, effectively and with as few as possible bugs, we employ a form of hybrid mobile development, allowing us to maintain a single codebase, while deploying to multiple devices, without compromising the ‘look and feel’ of the target platform (such as IOS or android).

The Design Team

“The design team and programmers have an excellent understanding of the development process and design elements. UX (user experience) design is applied from the beginning to the end of the project.”

Our projects

Cycling South Africa

Cycling South Africa

We have developed an intuitive Web-based application for Cycling South Africa, which enables cyclists all over the country to view details about current and upcoming events, purchase various licences via a secure online payment system and enter selected events. This application is also available on the Google Play Store for android devices and the iStore for Apple devices, giving users the flexibility to use it whenever and wherever they want to.

Additionally, a complete Web-based administration system has been developed for Cycling South Africa, which enables them to manage every aspect of their enterprise, including the creation and approval of cycling events, comprehensive reporting functionality and management of member details, licences and orders.

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Developed in collaboration with LexPro Systems, a market leader in software for attorneys, LimeLedger is a fully featured, cloud-based accounting program for the Microsoft Windows operating system. With well over 2 000 downloads and a number of established customers, LimeLedger is a stable and secure accounting solution for small to medium sized businesses. Best of all, LimeLedger is completely free of charge for regular users. A Plus version, which includes advanced features such as recurring invoices and bank statement imports, is available for a monthly fee.

LimeLedger comes with an API (application programming interface), allowing developers to quickly and easily incorporate accounting functionality into their own existing software (e.g., point-of-sale, manufacturing, etc.).

For more information on LimeLedger, as well as a full list of features, visit the LimeLedger website at

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