Lientjie Snyman, our DOTCLOUD Accounts Manager, busted her gut for months preparing for the 2017 KAP Sani2C mountain bike Race. As it was her first stage race she was as nervous as she was excited! She was in excellent hands as her teammate was no other than her beloved dad, with her two brothers as back-up.

Unfortunately, things all went awry as this year’s Race was the coldest, wettest, muddiest Race in the history of the Sani2C.

Lientjie had a tough first day, and she said that the route was certainly not for sissies! They got in at about 3:30 pm, and about 4 o’clock the heavens opened, and it poured and poured all night long. The next day was declared a “non-race day”, as the conditions were diabolical with single digit temperatures. Lientjie’s dad and brothers are experienced bikers and they decided that it was not worth risking bodily harm, and or bike damage, so they withdrew… to the safety of a warm hotel, and a snug bed. Of the field of about 1500, only about 600 teams lined up on day three to face the gnarly conditions. Lientjie has unfinished business and is already planning her comeback.

Also representing DOTCLOUD were Deon Strydom and his teammate Pier Botturi, who tackled the Sani2C Adventure. They had a “tough lekker race” and managed to finish 20th overall and 7th in the Veterans category. Medals were given to those that managed to ride the killer Iconic climb without stopping and Deon who has some miles under his belt managed to beat what he describes as the toughest climb he has ever attempted!

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