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Our culture of delivering brilliant service is only outweighed by our passion for what we do. We look to the future while building on our past 20 years of business experience. Understanding your needs and believing that business is about people, we offer custom solutions to suit your unique requirements.

About Dotcloud

Dotcloud’s history dates back many moons ago. Louis and Stephan met on the very first day of primary school. A friendship was born that would carry on through school and ultimately end up in a business partnership that would grow from strength to strength.

Cloud Solutions

Free up your business by migrating to our state-of-the art, customised cloud platform. We are experienced, have exceptional in-house expertise and a long list of happy clients. Most importantly, we are 100 percent service-driven. Let us create your custom solution today!


Recent advances in electronic and digital technology have brought to life the idea of the Internet of Things (IoT). Industrial- and home automation become a reality and are making incredible progress on a daily basis. We have built our own IoT technologies (hardware and software) and are able to design and implement custom automation solutions for your business.

Software Development

Developing sophisticated software solutions for your business should be an affordable and pleasant experience. Let us create your next ‘back-office’ system, web- and mobile APP, or system integration solution using modern development standards while keeping to a realistic and affordable budget.

Digital Design & Marketing

Need to design or refresh your logo, corporate identity, website, mobile APP or just want to see a better ROI on your digital marketing strategy? Dotcloud Digital employ the latest technologies and apply rigorous UX practices to ensure our products exceed user expectations. We design memorable digital experiences.

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